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Notes from the Commissioner:
About me and how Midlands League Baseball got started:

I am very passionate about the game of baseball. I guess it all started when I was born, at the same hospital as Cal Ripken Jr. in Havre De Grace, MD. I lived right down the street from him in Aberdeen, MD. He played baseball with my uncle.

I have been a pitcher since a very young age but also a hitter which didn't seem to be the correct mix for most coaches. I played in one of the most competitive high school regions in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. I had an unheard of .500 batting average my senior year. Pitched a 2 hitter against the best team in the county (Old Mill 1996, struck out Joe Barnes and Chuck Manns multiple times). Against the 2nd ranked team in the county (North County 1996), 14 K's. Struck out major league prospects in front of scouts (Glen Burnie, Desmond Dailey, 1996... drafted in 97 and 98) as well as others, I was on Ann Arundle County All-Star Team in 1996... ah, the good old days!

Here is what the Baltimore Sun had to say about the class of 1996:

Arundel is hotbed for prep baseball Old Mill's Barnes, Manns, Arundel's Light acclaimed

Local Sports: High School Baseball Preview

March 19, 1996|By Pat O'Malley | Pat O'Malley,SUN STAFF

When it comes to quality high school baseball, count Anne Arundel County among the nation's elite.

College and pro scouts are on record as saying that "Anne Arundel baseball is the best from top to bottom in the state of Maryland."

This year's national preseason publications are pointing to Old Mill outfielders Joe Barnes and Chuck Manns, and Arundel junior right-hander Kurt Light as among the nation's best. Also, outfielders Andy Vermillion of Arundel and Glen Burnie's Desmond Dailey have drawn attention.

I guess Arundel H.S. wasn't bad either:

The Wildcats' secret is out of the bag: Arundel baseball team No. 1 nationally

By PAT O'MALLEY | June 2, 1993

Great news for Anne Arundel County baseball. For the second time in three years, the county has the No. 1 high school baseball team in the nation, the state 4A champion Arundel Wildcats (21-1).The Baltimore Sun's top 15, has had Arundel No. 1 most of the spring, and now the Easton Sports Original National High School Poll, as published by Collegiate Baseball, has vaulted coach Bernie Walter's Wildcats from No. 3 in the nation to No. 1.Arundel copped its record sixth state championship in Walter's 20 years at the Gambrills school with an 11-2 romp over the Washington area's top-ranked team, Gaithersburg (17-3)

I played for Anne Arundel Community College (1997), one of the best junior colleges in Maryland. It was interesting that almost every guy I played with in the all-star game the season before was there... I guess we didn't have the grades to go to the big schools. I believe the major league expansion was that year and I had been invited to some tryouts/workouts for the Florida Marlins, Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1998). Not long after that my son was on his way and I had to drop baseball and figure out a plan (1999).

I went into the military and put my dream on hold... little did I know once you fall off the prospect map it's hard to get back on it. While in the Air Force I molded myself into the perfect athlete, I was a 6ft 2in, 165lb, machine, and was ready to get back into baseball. I came to Columbia, South Carolina, started college at Midlands Tech... which had no baseball team and there was no other league for me to play in. I resorted to playing what I call recreational beer-league softball, hitting a homerun every single at-bat. I knew I was to do something more. Years later I found a league that plays out towards Florence, SC. I hid my talents out there for 3 years. I batted .489 with over 60 at-bats in one season with them. Once I turned 27 or 28 I started to talk to scouts and they basically said it was too late for me. I was too old.

I still crave more baseball and that is how Midlands League Baseball came about. I want everyone to be able to experience baseball at "the next level," even if the next level for them is not college or the major leagues. I don't want anyone to give up on baseball because they can't find a place to use their skills, like I did during my peak. Speaking of that, we have some scouts interested in the league. I will keep you updated the best I can on upcoming tryouts for major league baseball and independent leagues.


Ronnie Stevens


Midlands League Baseball

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